Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Infante Edition


I think we might have an early Best Custom of the Year candidate. It's that good.

Omar Infante is very good at sneaking under the radar. He played for the Tigers for the first few seasons of his career, and didn't really sprout until his 2010 season with Atlanta. Yet Istill didn't think he was very good, because he just came out of nowhere and started being awesome. With Miami, he played really well and became a small star.
Now that he's back with Detroit, he needs to keep doing what he was doing after he left, not before. Before he left, he was an average infielder. He's returned a more-than-average one. He needs to keep that together.
Coming Tonight- The man has terrible luck. He leaves the Pirates before they get big, and he joins the Cubs at the exact moment when THEY become the worst team in the league. Hopefully his luck will turn up now that he's found his way to Atlanta.

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