Friday, August 10, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Escobar Edition


Another day, another really awesome custom. This one for the Royals.

I feel like this guy hasn't really broken out yet, and it's a shame. With the Brewers, he was a solid shortstop, and he was a key piece of the Greinke trade (not that one, the other one). He's been a good player so far for the Royals.

That is, until this month.

He's been knocking the ball left and right, and subsequently having a great fielding season. And for Kansas City, this is a great thing. The team's circling last, it needs serious help to get back to where it was toward the beginning of the season. Alcides is a big help for that, since he's been playing so well this month.

He's the only one on the team who's hitting. And maybe the rest of the team can take it from him.

Coming Tomorrow- Another one that hurts to make. The Flyin' Hawaiian in a uniform other than Philly red...although, at least it's a team I tolerate. 

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