Sunday, August 12, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Victorino Edition

I was at the Phillies game last night. The reason you did not hear more about this is because they got their behinds handed to them by one of my least favorite teams, the Cardinals. Also, my friend Colin was rooting for them. Aaaagh.

One of the reasons this game was so remarkably dim was the fact that the lineup was noticeably depleted. Sure, J-Rol, Howard and Utley were there...BUT NOBODY ELSE WAS! For starters, Ruiz had the night off.  Pence, Victorino, Ibanez, Werth, and anyone who made the team great was gone. 

Victorino's probably the one that  had the largest gap. He was a Philly star for years, and the fans loved him. When he'd dress up as a baby and taunt the Yankees, they wouldn't gasp. Hell, they'd cheer for him. He was a good player, no doubt, but he was a Philly personality. And it really smarts that LA yanked him out of here.

Nevertheless, it was still a pretty decent game. Lee pitched 8 innings, and somehow got another loss (the guy can't win, can he?). The Cards made some crucial errors that led to one run scored. They didn't whomp us that badly, but it felt kinda weird to see Jason Motte strike out Ryan Howard and not have him rip his rackin frackin smackin whackin Achilles.

Still...Philly sucks without this guy.

Coming Tomorrow- Another post tonight will explain this more throughouhly, but tomorrow I return to Lake George NY for a couple days. Still, Tomorrow marks the beginning of "Throwback Week", a not-really-timed-and-incredibly-coincidental tribute to awesome throwbacks. Tomorrow, a Cardinals pitcher who has two rings and dozens of injuries.

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