Saturday, August 25, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Machado Edition


Two weekends ago, I made this custom. I made it for a reason. Okay, two reasons.

1. Manny Machado was the Rookie Du Jour that week. Which means he was the one rookie that came up, and an outrageous debut, and promptly settled into an incline in popularity. He was big, and if I didn't customize him, I was an idiot.

2. My Orioles-loving friend was in town. That night I'd be taking him to a Phillies game. Similarly, he'll be taking me to an O's game in a few weeks. But I needed to show Colin exactly how I spent my afternoons, most of the time anyway. And I needed and Oriole.

Of course, the fact that I would be left without wifi for a few days, and the fact that the Oriole hat kinda made the uniform a throwback, pushed the card awhile. But it's here, and it's a beauty.

I really hope Manny's career holds up, because he has so much potential.

Coming Tomorrow- The Last Installment of Throwback Week. Of course I end with a Phillie. The unofficial Phourth member of the Phillie Phour. Because Kyle Kendrick don't count. 

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