Monday, August 20, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Wainwright Edition


Not many people will believe this, but this is my first Adam Wainwright custom. 

I know.

Of course, I haven't really had time to customize him, being that he's been injured all the time and all. The last few seasons, him and Chris Carpenter have played musical chairs with the DL and the rotation. What I think is that they wake up, call each other, and decide which one of them is getting hurt, and which one isn't. And the next season they rotate.

But still, he's attempting to bounce back. The Cardinals rotation is nothing special this year, but he's the little prize inside. Wainwright is a nice pitcher, and when he's healthy, he's really good. When he's injured...the team's screwed.

Hopefully, Adam will keep that arm healthy for a while.

Also, look at that throwback. That is an awesome one, and not the last you'll see this week.

Coming Tomorrow- The Artist Formerly Known as Tony Plush.

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