Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: O-Hud Edition


Man, this should have been in Throwback Week. I was off by a few days, but nonetheless this card is awesome. Hell, it looks like a Gypsy Queen or Heritage kinda card.

Orlando Hudson isn't a Hall of Famer. I'll say that right now. He lacks the stats, the power, the longevity, the hits number. He will be remembered as a good second baseman, and that's it.

No, I lied. He'll be remembered as a good second baseman and a fun player to watch.

Lately, there's been a drought of fun players in baseball. Yeah, there's been no shortage of crazy (see: Wilson, Brian and Morgan, Nyjer), but there hasn't been a player that makes your eyes dart to them when they take the field. Nobody does backflips, or nobody does cartwheels, or anything like that.

However, Orlando Hudson comes close.

He's great at his position, first of all. With the Blue Jays and D-Backs, he was a consistent, dominating second baseman. And with the Dodgers, he was even better, having an All Star season and hitting for the cycle. I'll say that in the past few years he's become a bit of a journeyman, Juan Pierre type, but he's still an excellent player. 

The main thing is that he's incredibly fun to watch. He always looks like he's having a good time, and even when he has his game face on, people look right at him, to see what he's doing.

Orlando Hudson won't make it to Cooperstown, but he'll stick in our minds for a while.

Coming Tomorrow- The Angels have blown their pennant race, and Mike Trout has made the town his own. Too bad, because there's a guy on that team who should be getting recognition. 

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