Thursday, September 27, 2012

A pack of Baseball, a minibox of Football

Update set is looming. The set will have already hit the streets this time next month, and until then I have the baseball and football sets to finish up. So, I bought a pack of series 2 and a box of Football to settle things.

370- Lyle Overbay. Ach, I just realized I have a lot of these. For all the doubles, I'll dish out an insult.
358- Jacob Turner. Probably won't thrive in Miami.
630- Logan Morrison. In three seasons, hasn't yet become the star he's been hyped up to be.
351- Corey Hart. It's not very wise to wear your sunglasses at night.
479- Johan Santana. So, you pitched a no-hitter, that I get. Then what?
409- Greg Holland. I don't believe I have this one.
491- Jose Valverde. Oh, be quiet.
595- David Carpenter.
533- Ian Stewart SHINY CARD! Anyone else sick of these?
Ryan Howard Career Day. This is a nice one.
471- James Shields.
439- Elvis Andrus. Will be a great star someday, hopefully for another team.
590- Humberto Quintero
467- Juan Francisco.
426- Eric Hinske. PffffffffffHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
350- Eva(n) Longoria.
395- Jonathan Lucroy
485- Carlos Marmol. Good gosh, he's been with the Cubs longer than Alfonso Soriano!
573- Kyle Farnsworth, winner of the Chris Sabo award for excellence in spectacles.
343- Salvador Perez.
522- Matt Downs
416- Todd Helton. Needs to get back on the lineup.
375- Drew Stubbs. Isn't the most productive performer on that team.
356- Endy Chavez. Love the guy, but needs to perform to be taken more seriously. Also, Braves and Marlins need to sign him, then the NL East quinta-fecta will be complete. 
482- Chris Capuano. Glad to see he's come back, but of all teams...
619- Tyler Greene. Now with Astros. Haw, haw.
435- Jeff Baker. Gosh, another Cub. Y NO YANKS?
Rickie Weeks mini. I love these.
Golden Giveaway card! Let's see what I get. Because why not?
Cool, a Wade Boggs coin! Also, a coin I never unlocked gave me a Joe Morgan one. So...WHY CAN'T I UNLOCK A CARD?!?!
376- Carlos Quentin. Haaah, Padres.
490- Chris Carpenter. Wow, I need this one!
462- Brett Lawrie rookie. I needed this one too! Great season he's been having.
649- Brandon Crawford. Jeez, the Giants are really good this season.
354- Jeremy Hellickson.
503- Tyler Clippard
609- Lorenzo Cain

234- Davone Bess
288- Patrick Peterson
299- James Harrison. Great collation, Topps. Really swell.
168- Kyle Arrington
184- Brandon Jacobs
263- LeGarrette Blount
144- John Abraham. AARRRGGHHH!
397- Cedric Benson. He's great for the ol' fantasy team
333- Laurent Robinson
196- Curtis Lofton.
124- Sean Weatherspoon. FINALLY something I don't have!
111- Drew Brees. Lost three in a row, now up against the Packers. Good luck, bro.
321- Kenny Britt
128- Trent Cole. Nice, some Philly action in there.
311- Raiders
371- Vontae Davis, the not-as-good Davis
269- Nick Mangold. Great player
58- Dwayne Allen
252- Jarius Wright
too many rookies I already have
90- JPP. wow, the doubles are back.
394- Brian Orakpo
341- Deion Branch
258- Randy Moss
150- Larry Fitzgerald
more doubles
99- Robert Meachem. FIIIINALLY!
141- Cam Newton ROY
117- Early Doucet.
297- Charles Tillman. Have all the Bears starters been there since 2003?
220- Wes Welker. Meh
205- Greg Jennings. Wish he was doing better for my fantasy team
420- Jared Allen. Annnd we're back to doubles
etc, etc,
291- Toby Gerhardt
330- Michael VICK! YEAH!
5- John Kuhn
176- John Skelton. Hurt, paving way for Kevin Kolb
even more doubles
Drew Brees QB Reprint. Good God, even the inserts are doubles!
Terry Bradshaw QB Immortals. I have that one too!
Luck/Elway Paramount Pairs. This one I didn't have
GIVEAWAY CARD- Let's just find out-
Andrew Luck 1960 insert. NICE!
Robert Mathis tall boy. Aw dammit I have this one! GOOOSHHH!
Shonn Green Unnamed Insert
217- Stevan Ridley PINK #'D TO 399. Wow. I always thought the Patriots and pink go together well.
more rookie doubles
359- Cliff Avril
9- CJ Spiller
68- Dolphins

Welp. Lotta doubles but still got a pink insert.

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  1. I'm glad you pulled a real card. I have only redeemed a couple of codes and have only gotten the stupid coins. I did pull a pink card though! Kind of surprised about that.