Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It was going so well...

(WARNING: This post was written in an incredibly frustrated mood, at the realization that the Yankees had completely blown their lead. Needless to say, if anything in this post offends you, remember: this is the one time in a blue moon that the Yankees are losing games. This doesn't happen often, and they'll be back to winning soon. Plus, I'm kind of allowed to be mad right now. So don't mind the constant moping and bitching of a frustrated fan.)

I don't even know where to begin about my Yankees.

We shouldn't be tied for first right now. We really shouldn't. We should be way ahead, with a playoff spot secured, already putting the pennant up on the rafters. But it doesn't work that way, apparently. It's like the last few days of a semester. After just phoning it in most of the year, now you have to work to get what you want. And it's nuts.

I don't really know what's worse: that the Orioles got hot when they did, or that the Yankees got cold when they did. Don't get me wrong, the Orioles are a sentimental favorite of mine, but the Yankees really should have stayed in first, instead of losing all those games in the last month.

I honestly don't know what happened. Maybe it was A-Rod and Teixiera going on the DL. Maybe it was the O's getting all those stars at the deadline. Maybe it was Ichiro. Either way, I don't get it. We had it going, too.

And we were all so damn confident! Two months ago, the Yanks were a LOCK for the playoffs. And now we're effing fighting to stay in first. It's insane, and terrible, and thousands of other adjectives. And overall I'm just disappointed, because this is a good team, and they should be playing better than this.

You people don't understand. All your teams have up seasons and down seasons. The Yankees always have to be the best, and even when they are, people hate them. And the moment when the lead slips, and when all the other classmembers start pointing and laughing, that's when it hurts. When everybody else in the damn league look at each other and say "hey, look how far those Yankees have fallen", it really grinds my gears. And no, I'm not cutting to that screencap. I've already pissed off enough Canadians, anyway.

So yeah, needless to say, I'm not a happy fan right now. The Yankees aren't playing like the Yankees, and they're making me, and most other Yankee fans, very angry.

Who knows, maybe I'm overreacting (note the sarcasm). Maybe they'll snap up the lead again and be atop the AL East in no time, and the Orioles will just take the Wild Card. Maybe they'll make the playoffs. But then again, maybe they'll be the unfortunate 2012 Yankees, who came so damn close, but missed it.

Don't mind me. I'm just bitter. And I'll be a lot more bitter if the Yankees don't get that playoff spot.


  1. Who, pray tell, were these aforementioned 'stars' that the Orioles got at the deadline?

  2. Jim Thome, Joe Saunders, Lew Ford, Nate McLouth. Granted, not all are stars, but they joined the team around the deadline, and, with the exception of Thome, have given some nice power to the lineup.

  3. Ford and McLouth were in the Orioles system long before the deadline. Ford was batting in the high .300s all season for AAA Norfolk. He has been a decent addition, but calling someone who hadn't played in the majors since September 2007 a big pickup is a stretch. Granted, McLouth looks to be a huge piece down the stretch with Nick the Stick out, he, too, was a waiver claim. Saunders might just be the most important piece of all that they acquired. They didn't give up anything except for Matt Lindstrom, a power arm reliever, which they had plenty of stockpiled. As far as Thome, as much as I love the player, with him being hurt, he hasn't contributed at all. Again, most, if not all of these guys are scrap heap type players. If the Orioles were to make an impact at the deadline, then Chase Headley would be wearing black and orange, and a couple of the O's young pitchers would be in San Diego. Not going to happen, and frankly, I'm glad they didn't pull the trigger.