Friday, September 7, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Encarnacion Edition


The man above is a veteran whose trade to the Blue Jays has sparked a hitting streak and close to thirty homers so far. And no, he's not Jose Bautista wearing an Edwin Encarnacion mask.

I get that they're the same mold, and their sudden inclines have both been noted by many sportswriters. Edwin isn't getting as much publicity as Joey Bats, but when he's on the top homers list, and he just barely missed the All Star Team, people take notes.

Of course, the Jays are in last, and not too many people are looking over there for power. But Edwin can hit for power now, and he's doing it so well for Toronto.

There's an 100% chance that the Blue Jays will not make the playoffs. But Edwin Encarnacion's 2012 season will probably be remembered.

Coming Tomorrow- A former Twins phenom trying to get his stuff together in Chicago.


  1. Edwin's always had power but in the off-season he worked out extensively with Robinson Cano's 'hitting guy' in the Dominican. He's definitely been one of the only bright spots this year!