Sunday, September 9, 2012

He was safe!


When I posted that I was attending the Yanks-O's game yesterday, first of all, I had no idea that Internet Explorer would screw up the formatting. Therefore most people reading it on IE probably got something resembling an eye chart and not a blog post.

But mainly, I had no idea that the whole game would be surrounded by a blown call, and the final one at that. The play, as ESPN has shown countless times already, was a runners on 1st and 3rd, Tex up play. Teixiera hits down to short, who gets the out at second, and throws to first, where a headfirst-sliding Tex was claimed out.

Mark Teixiera's first action was to slam the base in frustration, and yell at the ump. He touched the bag before the tag, and countless replays would later show that yup, he was safe. However, we were dealing with an umpire who may not have been right in the head. He clearly wasn't a Yanks fan, and wanted to go the bleep home. So he's out.

I'll say that if Tex would have been safe, the Yanks would have eventually gone on to win it thanks to a strong surge and a blatantly awful performance by Jim Johnson, whose custom is up at the helm. They were coming back, and Tex was indefinitely safe, so the game shouldn't have ended right there.

It's sad, it's controversial, and above all else, it's infuriating. The Yanks would have had that game had it not been for that call.

The rest of the game was pretty cool. My friend Colin won Fan of the Game. I tried nudging into the 'tron, unsuccessfully. A fan behind us kept trying to put a yankee cap on his orange fright wig.

Also, I effing love Camden Yards. That's probably my favorite place to watch a game, and it's awesome that I go there pretty often. Our seats were high up, but we had a few of the whole field, and it was cool. 

It's a shame that such an awesome game was marred by a blown call.


  1. It's a shame that Captain Cheesburger Sabathia can't control his pitches and put Nick Markakis on the shelf for 6 weeks in the middle of a pennant race. The Yankees really deserve to win the AL East because they have a bigger payroll and bigger egos anyways.

  2. Typical of Yankee fans to see things through pinstriped glasses. Ok, so the replays show that Teixeira was safe. Big deal. How many times a season do calls go the Yankees way? More than most teams, I assure you. Jeffrey Maier clearly interfered with a play that eventually impacted a playoff series. Or how about the time when Jeter feigned being hit when replays CLEARLY showed that the ball hit the knob of the bat. Or how about Friday's game where Swisher gladly took first base after apparently being hit when replays CLEARLY showed that the ball didn't come close to him. This blog is obviously yours and you are entitled to your opinion, of course, but just like the callers this morning on the XM talk shows, it seems that SOME Yankee fans feel like they are entitled to everything in baseball. We Oriole fans have been on the wrong end of calls benefiting the Yankees for far too long and I think it is time SOME Yankee fans got a little taste of how it feels being on the other side of the coin once in a while. Maybe it will humble SOME of them. Otherwise, glad you enjoyed the game and Camden Yards. The crab cakes are amazing.