Saturday, September 1, 2012

Two $10 Boxes of 2012 Football

There's two months until Update, so until then...FOOTBALL BINGE!

Yeah, like last year, I'll be spending a few weeks gorging on countless football cards, esp. the Topps release. I really like this year's set, and I wish to collect more of it. So, I picked up a few ex-cereal boxes of the stuff.

Box 1-
385- Miles Austin. Of course, we start the pack with a Cowboy.
20- Andre Johnson. There's a legitimate star.
161- Seahawks tc. Do they make these just so they'll end up in clumps in cardboard boxes?
13- Bears tc. Another one. Of course.
133- Fred Jackson.
298- Ahmad Bradshaw. I think he's on the Niners now.
294- Fred Davis. First Jackson, now Davis? Add in Taylor and we can have...Right Said Freds!
86- Sebastian Janikowski. Of course, for that bad joke I get some doubles.
227- Lance Briggs. got it.
203- Cowboys tc. Sigh...
392- Shonn Greene. Got it
129- Pat Angerer.
373- Justin Tuck
262- Kellen Winslow. Just got cut.
82- DeMarco Murray
8- Eric Weddle
162- Hedley LaMarr Woodley
110- Darrelle Revis. The Jets are lucky to have this guy. Who are they unlucky to have? Tim Tebow. And I am too, since I picked the short straw and he ended up on my fantasy team.
167- Christian Ponder. Currently Pondering why he's still starting in Minnesota.
193- Kevin Zeitler.
433- Luke Keuchly. Another highly praised rookie.
91- Michael Floyd. Wow, I'm 3 for 3 with first-round rookies.
266- Devon Still. Aww, you broke my streak.
380- Trent Richardson. THERE WE GO AGAIN!
139- Jerel Worthy
58- Dwayne Allen
252- Jarius Wright
84- Pierre Garcon. Wow, he's with the Skins now? From one sinking ship to another. At least he'll have RG3 to attempt to catch.
119- Arrellious Benn. Wow, an overhyped 2010 rookie.
223- Antonio Brown
237- Demaryius Thomas. I have a game used of him, but he'll only be known for catching the 316 yard pass.
304- LaDainian Tomlinson. Hall of Fame in 6 years.
200- Adrian Peterson. Hopefully he'll regain his mojo after last season's injury. Actually...screw that, I have the Packers' defense on my fantasy team.
142- Darrius Heyward-Bey
241- James Handerson
172- Carlos Rogers
280- Jimmy Graham. He's nuts. Though not as nuts as Cortland Finnegan
130- Hakeem Nicks
26- Antonio Gates.
74- Doug Baldwin. No relation to Capital One's spokesman
349- Chris Ivory
102- Jaguars tc. Ugh...
361- London Fletcher
247- Leonard Hankerson
Paramount Pairs of Willis McGahee and Lamar Miller. Okay...
Sonny Jurgensen QB Reprint. Okay, as an Eagles fan, that card is awesome.
QB Immortals of John Elway. No matter what he did in football, I'll always think of him as Homer Simpson's suggested identity (ie.e- "Oooh...I wanna be John Elway!")
GameTime Giveaway Card, which looks cool. Let's see what I get:
Chiefs coin. Bleh
1960 Rookie of RG3! YES! This is really, really nice! I'll be holding onto this one.
Ryan Grant mini. I like these
Willis McGahee Unnamed Insert. I like these too.
138- Matt Cassel CAMOFLAGE #'D TO 399! This is cool, although I wish it was someone other than Matt Cassel.
308- Michael Turner
398- Ryan Mathews
64- Andy Lee. Him and Akers must be buds
315- Mike Tolbert
123- Robert Mathis
92- Chandler Harnish, the world's most unnecessary QB draft.
15- Harrison Smith
364- Antonio Allen
44- Bruce Irvin
83- Kendall Reyes
89- Michael Brockers
319- MATT KALIL ROOKIE! Another good one.
285- Dontari Poe
240- Justin Blackmon. Another good one!
28- DeVier Posey
418- Browns tc
72- Bucs tc
292- James Starks
219- Osi Umenyiora

Box 2-
192- Jake Locker. Needs to get better
384- Brandon LaFell
166- Falcons tc
396- Adrian Clayborn
404- David Harris
352- Greg Little
30- Patrick Willis. Met the man. One heck of a guy. He's pretty nice, and he's a great player. I always like pulling cards of him.
323- Aaron Hernandez
416- Jordy Nelson. He's really, really good.
251- Willis McGahee. Going by pattern, will likely spend three more seasons with Denver before signing with someone else.
260- Matt Forte
313- Defensive Player of the Year Terrell Suggs
174- Nick Barnett
25- Ray Lewis. What a great player. We're looking at a legend, folks.
94- Sidney Rice
411- NaVorro Bowman
335- Michael Crabtree
277- Matt Flynn. Good, but apparently not good enough for the city where the sun don't shine.
334- Law Firm.
348- Clay Matthews. Man, that guy's a nut. He's a great player, too.
379- Jason Hill
32- David DeCastro
245- Devon Wylie
239- Jake Bequette
73- Rookie Premiere card. Yay?
21- Eric LeGrand. What a story
51- Gerell Robinson
278- Juron Criner
413- Aaron Corp
255- David Nelson
53- Jermichael Finley. Got it
160- Mark Sanchez. Got it.
272- DeAngelo Williams
346- Eagles tc. Damn right
382- David Akers. Great kicker.
248- Bernard Scott
410- Tony Homo.
135- Jay Cutler. Needs to stay healthy
344- James Laurinatis
198- Joe Thomas. Arguably Cleveland's best player.
235- JJ Watt.
38- Jonathan Joseph. Yes, last name?
181- Chris Clemons
395- Texans tc
12- Owen Daniels
210- LeSean McCoy. SHADY!
159- Steelers tc
217- Stevan Ridley
10- Troy Effing Polamalu
Drew Brees Rookie Reprint
Jim Kelly QB Immortals. Yeah, you could say that
Luck and RG3 Paramount Pairs
81- Chiefs tc Gold Card. Why am I getting all this Chiefs crap?
Another Code Card:
 Steelers coin. Meh again
Greg Little mini. Hah, little mini.
Patrick Willis Unnamed Insert
213- Asante Samuel. Nice.
377- Kellen Moore
417- Chad Greenway
354-Chris Houston
126- Quinton Coples
22- Melvin Ingram
61- Brandon Gibson
106- Mark Ingram
121- Marcedes Lewis

Those were some nice boxes...but if any Chiefs fans want my Cassel, they can have it.

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