Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Scherzer Edition


Justin Verlander has a tight grip on the Cy Young lead. Chris Sale and David Price are close behind, but it's Verlander's year. Yet while he's been getting most of the stardom in Detroit, the guy above has been doing a lot of the work.

Max Scherzer is on the leaders lists in strikeouts and ERA. He's been pretty dominant this season, and he's been pitching as well as his teammate. The problem is star power. Verlander, because he's Verlander, is getting all the acclaim. None of said acclaim is going to Scherzer, because nobody knows who he is. All they know is Verlander. And that's sad.

Max Scherzer, when he team does well, pitches great, and if he wasn't on Verlander's team he'd be the best guy on the roster. It's a shame that his teammate will likely come out on top.

Coming Tomorrow- In February I noted that he was competing with Scott Posednik and Laynce Nix for the Phillies' backup outfielder role. Posednik's gone, Nix is unreliable. Guess who's been the indefinite backup?

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