Saturday, September 22, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Pettite Edition


I don't think that Andy Pettite is a Hall of Famer. I mean, if he does get in, it won't be immediately. He's under appreciated solely because he played on winning Yankees teams, and a pennant-winning Astros team (yes, one of those existed). Actually...why IS he underappreciated?

I mean yeah, he didn't rack up too many wins, and he was never a huge star, but he's a great pitcher, and he at least deserves some consideration. Of the 1995 4, 2 are Cooperstown Definites (Jeter and Rivera) and one is a probable. Then there's Pettite. Nobody knows what to think about him.

But I do. I think he deserves at least some sort of accolade. 

I think he got one too. This card is one of my favorite customs I've made. Not just in a while. Ever. This might be one of the best I've ever churned out. I mean, look at that.Overflowing with color, it's almost like a work of art, and not a baseball card. I think it's as good as last year's Ryan Howard and the year before's Mo Rivera.

So if he doesn't get to the Hall, he can at least be in mine.

Coming Tomorrow- In 1977, Sparky Lyle became the first relief pitcher to win the Cy Young again. He, if anything, proved that it can be done. But can it be done for a team that might not even reach the playoffs, even if this sophomore closer is one of the best in the league? Maybe.

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