Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Autumn Wind Changes (A tribute to Steve Sabol)

The Autumn wind was a Raider
Pillaging just for fun
He knocked you 'round and upside down
And laughed when he'd conquered and won.

The times have changed since his era
With age, the Raider's grown grey
He used to run from the rich for fun
Now he lets all his foes get away.

The Buc, like the wind, has grown colder
And he lacks the great spirit he had
All his rivals, yes all, run away with his ball
If anything else, it is sad.

The Autumn wind was a Raider
His age was an time long ago
When he'd steal all three rings, for the joy of these things
And parade about in the snow.

Now the pirate can't keep down his rivals
As they scamper away with the win
And the Raider will sigh, and just wonder why
He's reached these dark ages again.

But every wind needs a successor
To keep the sun and the moon still at bay
To shout when the victories evolve into history.
A new wind blows in Green Bay

The Autumn Wind's now a Packer
Who breezes through triumph with style
He'll beat you hard, and take full charge
...And he'll do it all with a smile.

I know this is belated, but thank you Steve Sabol, for everything you've done for the game of football, and for sports television. And for taking a chance hiring my dad all those years ago.

You will be missed by all football fans everywhere, those who glance upon football fields to enjoy, embody and embrace their own pastime, all amidst the autumn wind.

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