Monday, September 17, 2012

Another $10 box of Topps Football

Yeah, I'm really liking this year's football set. So much so that, after appraising a friend's collection, said friend gifted me with yet another offering. Which I graciously accepted.

310- Ndamukong Suh. Him and Megatron are the Tigers and Bears of the Lions.
375- Tony Gonzalez. Definite Hall of Famer
358- Kevin Smith. In a row?
93- Jason Peters. Hey, at least some Eagle gets a pro-bowl nod
171- Vince Wilfork
391- Redskins. Why do they keep doing these?
190- DeMarcus Ware. He does the exact same thing on every card.
350- Peyton Manning, the QB of the 2000's. Glad I pulled this one.
40- Dwayne Bowe. What a pose. Ow.
116- Jake Ballard
426- Mario Manningham. One of the many people who left the Giants for the 49ers.
438- Brandon Marshall. Glad to see he's back with his man Cutler.
140- Andrew Luck. Have this one, but need another just in case he's that good.
149- Michael Egnew
289- David Wilson.
65- Marvin McNutt. So many rookies. To pass the time, I'll give when every rookie was picked.
427- Brandon Taylor. 73rd. His name is too plain.
357- Chris Givens. 96th.
257- Lavonte David. 58th. That;s what you get for having your name in the wrong order.
242- Lamar Miller. 97th. Musta been friends with Chris.
56- Bills team.
281- Lance Moore
370- Sam Bradford. Probably isn't going to pan out. Sucks for my Bradford/Tebow/McCoy/Clausen jersey card.
11- Earl Thomas.
288- Patrick Peterson
299- James Harrison
168- Kyle Arrington. Yay. Doubles.
215- Marques Colston
175- Ed Reed
98- Jon Baldwin. No relation to Alec, Steven, William or Daniel.
301- Mike Williams
96- Devery Henderson
54- Kevin Kolb. Now apparently starting for Arizona. Because somehow, a QB that wasn't trusted didn't do very well. Who'da thunk?
35- Justin Smith
336- Kendall Hunter. Why so many 49ers? Want my fantasy team to bleed?
264- Johnny Knox
105- Knowshon Moreno
216- Bengals tc
147- Lions tc. Seriously?
Cool, a Michael Vick QB Reprint. Nice.
QB Immortals of Len Dawson. Now that is a nice one.
Colston and Sproles Paramount Pairs
243- Peter Konz GOLD #D TO 2012.I wish I'd get golds of people I've heard of.
Giveaway Card! Lets see what I get!
A Lions token........WHY CAN'T I EVER UNLOCK A CARD????
Kevin Kolb tall boy mini. I love these.
Mike Williams Unnamed Insert
225- Matthew Stafford
265- Reggie Bush. Played great against the Raiders yesterday
342- Pierre Thomas
184- Brandon Jacobs, another Football to Baseball Giants player
132- Coby Fleener. 34th. Close but no cigar.
77- Ryan Broyles. 54th.
104- Travis Benjamin. 100th. I wish that actually meant something.
368- Orson Charles. What is this, the 1920's? 116th.
154- Stephon Gilmore. Do they call him happy? 10th. I guess they do.
214- Bernard Pierce. 84th.
367- Greg Childs. 134th.
256- Jordan White. 244th. So naturally, he gets a football card.
229- Vinny Curry. 59th. He's from where I was born.
44- Bruce Irvin. That last name has some potential. 15th.
47- Mark Barron. 7th. Baron of the Buccaneers? Naw, it doesn't work.
326- Kirk Cousins. Backup QB for Washington. Will likely be out of a job soon. 102nd.
63- Nick Toon. What a name. 122nd.
97- Jared Crick. 126th.
283- Ronnie Hillman. 67th.
206- George Iloka. 167th. GAAHHH, SO MANY ROOKIES!
287- Shea McClellin. 19th. At least this one's better.
207- Plaxico Burress. I forget where he is now.
221- Ben Tate.
259- Cliff Avril.

Well, that was a nice box, especially with the Manning.


  1. You have a Bradford jersey card! wow, that's cool. I think he'll work out fine. This year is the one he's going to turn it around. I don't like the stupid coins, I wish they would just do cards for the codes.

    1. Exactly. That's what made these giveaway things fun in the first place. Instead they're just...forced, and obligatory.