Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Pierre Edition


Last year, an outfielder came to Philly that was so good at the game, and so awesome, fans immediately snapped up his jerseys and became fans of his. That outfielder was Hunter Pence. He just left a month ago. Philly fans are sad.

I'll say that if they didn't have Juan Pierre to root for, they'd be sadder.

Juan Pierre is the quintessential backup outfielder. He doesn't play everyday, but he can hit, and he can definitely field. Also, he's accumulated the most stolen bases (active), and possibly the most successful bunts (activated). He's Rickey Henderson and Willie Keeler rolled into one guy. Add an incredibly fun to watch player to the mix, and you have someone Phillies fans always cheer for whenever he's on the roster.

Will be be re-signed for 2013? Who knows. The last time the Phillies had a backup that could hit homers, they sent him to Baltimore, where nobody used him for anything. But hopefully Pierre will find a team that uses him nicely. Or the Phils could pick him back up again. Either or.

Coming Tomorrow- Last year a custom of mine was a baseball player's Twitter photo. Said custom needed a sequel. Said player needed a new Twitter photo.

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