Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Beckett Edition


I like this card. Very much so, actually.

You wanna know why I like this card?

Josh Beckett is grinning. But that's the not the reason. He's putting on a funny face for the fans, which is kinda cool. That's not why I like this card. I like this card because he's making a funny face for Dodger fans. Not for Red Sox fans. Which is quite nice actually.

I certainly enjoy the Dodgers, not because I know a lot of Dodger bloggers (all 50,000 of them), but because they're stadium's nice, they're a fun team, and Donnie Baseball's at the helm. And I especially like them more than I do the Red Sox.

So seeing Josh Beckett, a man who continuously, for 6.5 seasons, pummeled the sh-- out of my Yankees, in between injuries of course, wearing a uniform of a team I like, instead of one I despise, is pretty nice. It's kinda refreshing, being that he's been pummeling my hometown teams since his rookie season.  Hell, he even destroyed my Yanks in the World Series. That hurt.

Seeing him as a Dodger, striking out people like Angel Pagan and Brandon Crawford, who I could really do without, is pretty cool.

Please, Josh, whether you re-sign or not, please stay as far away from Boston as possible. I'm trying to tolerate you now.

Coming Tomorrow- Since it's the end of their 50 year anniversary trainwreck season, the Astros have been pulling out every throwback uniform in the book. I found approximately one I've never customized. And it's a good one, too. Featuring a former (sigh) Red Sock.

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