Saturday, November 30, 2013

"Mega Box" of Topps Update: Puig or Nothing

I had to go to Target to get a gift for somebody. Knowing me, you'll probably guess that I couldn't restrain myself from moseying down to the card aisle, taking a gander at the releases, and settling on a still-incomplete Topps Update. You guessed correctly.

This box is extra special because A.)- It comes with 2 chrome packs of Update, which is actually kind of awesome, and B.)- it holds the promise of a yet-elusive Yasiel Puig rookie card. I really hope I get that Puig.

Before the chrome, I'm opening the 5 regular packs.

Pack 1-
325- Vernon Wells, seen hopefully during his first few months as a Yankee, when I still loved him.
269- Kendrys Morales, seen in a Mariners uni, for one of what seems like the few times he played.
129- Davis Wright HRD card.
207- Matt Thornton
Hyunjin Ryu Making their Mark insert, which is pretty nice. There's another Dodger rookie I would have preferred, but oh well.
172- Blake Parker
202- Yoenis Cespedes HRD winner cl
130- Jesse Chavez

Pack 2-
99- Derrick Robinson rookie. Have it
102- Christian Friedrich. Have it
6- Joel Peralta
94- Okay, this is actually kinda nice. A JOBA CHAMBERLAIN GOLD #'D TO 2013. This is nice, as it's a Yankee I've heard of, but it's still Joba, so that takes the sting out.
71 mini of Ken Griffey Jr. Awesome.
226- Michael Cuddyer HRD
227- Carlos Gonzalez AS
304- Patrick Corbin AS

Pack 3-
156- Lanynce Nix. Got it
38- Denard Span. Got it
233- Anthony Rendon Rookie Debut. Got it, still no rookie.
Cole/Cutch Franchise Forerunners. Have it, sadly.
223- Jose Valverde, who is now off the team he's depicted on.
145- Michael Cuddyer AS
219- Pedro Alvarez HRD
299- Ian Kennedy, which is nice.

Pack 4-
30- Mike Adams. Got it
169- Ezequiel Cabrera. Got it
4- Matt Adams. Got it.
181- Oliver Perez. Got it.
Chasing History of Bret Saberhagen, which is nice.
105- Corey Kluber
183- Jeff Bianchi RC
92- Jeanmar Gomez

Pack 5-
263- Austin Romine. Got it
229- Jason Vargas. Got it
292- Zach Britton. Got it
234- Jurickson Profar Rookie Debut
Making their Mark of Nick Franklin
252- Preston Claiborne. Has a Sterling-Hitchcock-esque ring to it.
199- Juan Lagares
89- Michael Pineda. Hah.

Five Packs in and, to quote Bono, I still haven't found what I'm looking for. Chrome is up.

Chrome Pack 1-
3- Matt Harvey AS. Always nice to pull a Harvey
48- Adam Wainwright AS
53- Annnnd...THERE WE GO! YASIEL PUIG CHROME ROOKIE! HOW ABOUT THEM APPLES??? That's awesome. That is fricking amazing. I am holding onto this one for sure.
8- Clayton Kershaw AS

Pack 2-
15- Michael Cuddyer HRD. Pulled that in base
29- David Wright HRD. Pulled THAT in base.
42- Ah, just as I was beginning to lose hope. A WIL MYERS ROOKIE! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I pulled a chrome Yasiel Puig, and then a chrome Wil Myers. And I was complaining about not getting an Anthony Rendon rookie before. Funny how it all turned out. These are both so awesome.
Postseason Heroes (CHROME) of Deion Sanders. I already have the plain version of this.

So, that was awesome. The Puig and Myers alone were worth the 15 bucks. Well spent.

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  1. Any of those Dodgers going to be up for trade?

    P.S. That Chrome update Puig card is sweet!!