Monday, November 11, 2013

ROYs: Obvious Choices

 Really, these two ROYs, if you really thought about it, were very, very obvious. I mean, aside from the whole 'Yasiel Puig' thing, which really couldn't have gone unnoticed, the Yasiel Puig dynasty lasted from mid-June to July, and then dipped for a while. Jose Fernandez had a consistent, masterful season, and for that reason alone it was obvious in my eyes that he'd get it. Not even Shelby Miller could come close, as much as Cardinals fans wanted him to.
Myers...nobody was even touching Myers' lead with a 20 foot pole. Toward the end Chris Archer was getting closer, but even Chris Archer knew that Wil Myers had it. It was pretty obvious.

Still, at least those two are out of the way. Onto the really ambiguous ones...

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