Monday, June 23, 2014

AT LONG LAST! Two Rack Packs of 2014 Topps Series 2

This weekend I had a big 'ol graduation party, and it was filled with balloons, cakes, Panchero's (for those unacquainted, it's like Chipotle but awesomer), and lots of people coming down from places like Baltimore, Staten Island, and many parts of Jersey. This explains why I didn't post for a few days. Grad party fatigue is rough, folks.

The most infuriating part of this party was my mission to Target a few days ago. I was told to get gift cards and Happy Graduation cards only. No baseball cards. So imagine my shock, horror, and general woe when I saw that Series 2 was out, in small capacity, and I lacked the time to get any. Sad, folks.

However, I redeemed myself today, as I marched into Target, and got TWO rack packs of the new product, plus three rack packs of the one everyone hates. I'll cover those packs later, plus, I literally just got back from my mailbox with even more of it.

But you people want Series 2. And I get it. Archives is nice, Archives is fun. But Archives is not Series 2. Here are my rips of Series 2.

615- Drew Storen, the closer for Washington. Nice way to start the packs.
538- Jon Jay. Of course I pull a Cardinal.
487- Jim Johnson. This card infuriates me. Not because of the awful Photoshop job. No, it's because Jim Johnson infuriates me to begin with.
463- Samuel Deduno. The one Twins pitcher I do Deduno.
660- Jose Fernandez. Out for the year.
497- Fernando Rodney. Great Moments in Photoshopping Closers, Part 2.
590- Brett Cecil
390- Bryce Harper Checklist. Bryce is currently injured. Huh,
338- Carlos Santana RED SHINY. Carlos has been following in his predecessor's footsteps, and has begun playing 1st base for Cleveland. Hate to break it to you, Smooth guy, but that only really works for Joe Mauer.
A SaberStars card of Mike Trout. Good news for fans of WAR, and fans of Trout.
SWEET! A 89 mini of STEVE CARLTON, only he's a St. Louis Cardinal. Nevertheless, Carlton in any uniform is a great pull.
MLB The Show BS card
530- Danny Salazar FS
407- John Jaso
579- Freddie Freeman, aka Mr. Atlanta Braves
379- Gerardo Parra, holding up a gang sign. lol, of course not.
492- Glen Perkins
423- Marco Scutaro, who is also injured
513- Jordan Pacheco
505- Homer Bailey. Hey, remember back when we thought he was gonna be a huge Reds star?
454- Brandon Beachy, who is ALSO injured. Sensing a theme here?
548- Jered Weaver, whose magic seems to have run out a bit.
586- Luke Hochevar. Man, him and Delmon Young should go out drinking.
559- Asdrubal Cabrera, still smoking it for Cleveland.
632- John Lackey.
545- Jeremy Affeldt. Jeez, he's still around?
The Future is Now insert of Freddie Freeman
Jose Veras Green Parallel.
462- J.A. Happ
542- Josh Zeid.
528- Shelby Miller FS.
358- Christian Yelich, who'd be a backup on any team but the one he's on.
517- Norichika Aoki.
411- Josh Rutledge
445- Sean Marshall
561- Welington Castillo.

Pack 2-
502- CHASE UTLEY!! Playing beautifully!
447- Christian Bethancourt
516- Mike Belfiore
574- Tyler Clippard, who seems to toggle between closer, middle reliever, and 5th starter.
653- Jose Iglesias, who...drumroll also injured.
421- R.A. Dickey, who is still the best knuckleballer in the MLB. Kinda has to do with the fact that he's the only knuckleballer in the MLB.
488- Brian Duensing
364- Mike Trout Checklist
643- Alex Guerrero rookie GOLD NUMBERED TO 2013. Wow. This is a pretty nice minor hit.
Breakout Moments insert of Cal Ripken Jr. Hell of a guy, too.
WHOA! I pulled an autograph.
Okay, it's a sticker auto, but it's still an auto. This is a Topps Autographs one of Starling Marte, which is a pretty nice one to pull. Definitely not complaining.
508- Sonny Gray FS.
659- A Badly Photoshopped Ervin Santana
529- Jesus Montero, whose trade is beginning to look like a generally even-sided one, though one without any real gain for either side.
336- Ben Zobrist
455- Danny Espinosa.
656- Grant Balfour
563- Colt Hynes
370- Jerry Blevins
391- Blake Parker
440- Ryan Raburn
467- Scott Feldman
570- Nathan Eovaldi.
422- Alexi Ogando, the 31-year-old who looks 50. He must be using the opposite of Bartolo Colon's arm thing on his face.
344- Kevin Siegrest
606- Kenley Jansen
651- Denard Span
Kevin Gausman Future is Now Insert
375- Adam Wainwright
373- Kyle Drabek.
562- Didi Gregorius.
419- Lucas Harrell
578- Tyler Thornburg
410- AJ Griffin, one of the few A's pitchers who got the memo to stay to healthy
562- Edinson Volquez.

Well, as far as a Series 2 rip goes, that's close to the top, thanks to the Starling Marte auto. If any Pirates fan wants it, let me know.

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