Monday, June 2, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Tulowitzki Edition

(This isn't perfect, but I don't care).

The first part of this season has been especially rare for Troy Tulowitzki. No, not the fact that he's playing beautifully--he does that a lot. I was referring to the fact that he's playing beautifully AND PEOPLE ARE NOTICING.

This is rare, actually. The only reason people talk about the Rockies anymore is if Michael Cuddyer has a streak, or Carlos Gonzalez has a grand slam or something. Now, their essential 'leader-type' is mashing the absolute crap out of the ball, and everybody knows. Hell, it even got him an article in Sports Illustrated last week.

But this is coming at a time for the NL West where it's imperative to get there early and stay there. At this point, it's really between LA, San Francisco and Denver, while the D-Backs and Padres are just sitting in the back talking about their differences and sharing a beverage. Right now the Giants are ahead, and they usually do well in years that end in even numbers. Plus, the Dodgers are waiting for a few people to return from the DL in order to be great, which leads the Rockies pushing for third if they don't do anything huge.

In order for the Rockies to really make an impact, the rest of the team needs to be playing as well as Tulowitzki is. The story in SI cannot be 'Wow, look at how amazing Troy Tulowitzki is playing'. It needs to be 'Wow, look at how amazing the Rockies are playing'. And it needs to be a cover story.

Coming Tomorrow- Hey, the Blue Jays are in first! Let's get a custom of the second coming of Phil Niekro up in here.

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