Thursday, June 19, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Cueto Edition

And once again, the Reds are doing...pretty well.

I mean, usually the division gets swerved toward somebody like the Pirates or the Cardinals, or maybe the Brewers, so the Reds are always somewhere in the middle. And once again...they're kinda there, playing well, just not too well.

Johnny Cueto has been their ace for a while now. Like the team, he always does well, but not well enough to be recognized. He's come so close to getting an All Star nod, only to come up short in the last second or so.

This year, I really hope he gets it, because he deserves it, and he really needs something to make the 2014 season different than all the other ones.

Coming Tomorrow- Two years ago he was a big deal with the Braves. Now, with a similarly named team, he's mellowed out and hasn't done much.

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