Monday, June 23, 2014

Three Rack-Packs of the Much Maligned Archives

Hey, fans of things nobody else likes! Here are three rackers of Archives! As a bonus, there are ZERO doubles from other packs I've ripped. Seriously!

Pack 1-
13- Jarred Cosart, who...isn't very good.
23- Chris Carter, who is the AL version of Mark Reynolds. Home runs, strikeouts, and absolutely nothing else.
10- Juan Gonzalez, a noted steroid abuser.
88- Evan Gattis, who shares a surname with the creator of Sherlock and the revamp of Doctor Who. If you already knew that, congrats! You probably have an angry tumblr about it.
136- Whitey Ford, a Yankee legend.
Ryan Zimmerman All Star insert, which is pretty cool.
162- Paul O'Neill, a more contemporary Yankee legend.
177- Carlos Gonzalez, who is injured a bit this season.
187- Hanley Ramirez, whose photo looks so cool that it was probably ripped off from Heritage.
192- Khris Davis. Very pekuiliar spelling.
139- Bob Feller. It is impossible to not like this guy. I don't wanna hear it. He was an amazing pitcher.
99- Salvador Perez. Boy, the folks who make Archives really have a hard-on for this guy.
73- Erik Johnson.
18- YAAAYY! Rickey Henderson!
94- Mike Napoli
113- Cal Ripken Jr., who I'm proud to say I watched play a few times.
142- Joe Mauer
134- Gio Gonzalez, whose star has faded slightly since 2012.

Pack 2-
131- Ian Kinsler, a nice one for a new uniform.
67- Jonathan Villar, who owes my fantasy team an apology.
87- Eric Davis. WOW! That's a cool one for a product like this.
38- Jason Grilli.
236- AWESOME! A Short Print of David Price. Very hard to come by.
28- Joe Kelly SHINY FRACTOR-ISH THING, #'d to 99. That is awesome. If any Cards fan wants that more than I do, go ahead and make an offer.
24- Michael Cuddyer.
5- Carl Crawford. I wish he played like he used to.
26- Juan Marichal
153- Fergie Jenkins. Loving the odd legends choices here.
173- Allen Craig
189- Jose Altuve
176- ADRIAAANNNN Gonzalez. Boy, a lot of '89's
184- Awesome, a Domonic Brown.
196- Prince Fielder, who isn't playing well so far.
70- Giancarlo Stanton.
90- George Brett, whose photo is pretty nice.

Pack 3-
64- Hisashi Iwakuma, the brilliant #2 to Felix Hernandez' #1
146- Starlin Castro
115- Manny Machado, Orioles superstar
170- Travis D'Arnaud, Mets prospect and former R.A. Dickey bait.
11- Adam Wainwright, the best pitcher in the NL (besides Clayton Kershaw)
Jose Fernandez All Star card, which is pretty cool.
97- Ivan Rodriguez, a great choice, especially in that uniform.
86- Shelby Miller
138- Warren Spahn! Nice!
96- A very young Robin Yount
49- Jonny Gomes
46- COLE HAMELS, husband to a former Survivor contestant, and all around awesome pitcher.
27- Tom Seaver, with a photo that was used in National Chicle.
76- Josh Hamilton
130- Matt Holliday, with a nice photo.
1- YUUUUU Darvish
12- James Shields.

See, kids? Not a single double. Great job, Topps. Really!

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