Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The A's Are Gonna Be Just Fine

I'm guessing that next week, we're gonna hear about how gutted the A's are gonna be. Ryan Madson, Trevor Plouffe and Sean Doolittle have already been traded, I imagine that Yonder Alonso and Sonny Gray will have been traded, and there's a chance that Khris Davis and Kendall Graveman might also be on the way out.

So...what does that leave for the A's for the rest of 2017? Well, for one thing, it leaves Sean Manaea.

Sean Manaea's pitching even better than the guy that everybody seems to be after. He's been in the leagues for two seasons, came over for Ben Zobrist, and has been pitching beautifully this year. What makes him great is his ability to work strikeouts and pummel offenses. It's difficult to have a nice record on a last place team, but Manaea's working it, and he's coming off not just 'good for 5th place', but 'good period.'

When Gray and Graveman and all those people end up leaving, Sean Manaea's still gonna start games. Additionally, the A's are still gonna have Ryon Healy, and unless something goes wrong they're still gonna have Jed Lowrie. They won't be complete...but they won't be hopeless either.

Coming Tomorrow- Someone who's allegedly doing well for the Padres.

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  1. I look forward to seeing what kind of prospects my beloved Athletics get before the trade deadline. I just hope they don't trade Gray to the Yankees. I'd love to be able to continue cheering for him, but can't if he's in pinstripes.