Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Narrative Shift

Well, in the four games since the break, it looks like the Cubs of 2016 might be making an attempt to come back...which is nice, as I was getting tired of talking about how pathetic they looked.

After an All Star Game featuring only one actual Cub, the real Cubs came back, thanks to some quick work from the lineup, and a KILLER DEBUT from Jose Quintana. I mean it, this guy hadn't been this electric all year with the White Sox.

The momentum's been set in place for a much more impressive second half, and as they're about to start a series with the Atlanta Braves, and that might be pretty easy.

Still, the pressure to repeat is still on, and the fans, the baseball world, and everyone wants the Cubs to be this unstoppable, unmovable force this year, even though they're just a pretty good baseball team at this point. Yes, they won a World Series, but repeating might not happen, and right now they're just trying to make it to the playoffs.

Hopefully the pressure will subside, and the momentum will keep going.

Coming Tonight: Not the A's pitcher everyone's after, but a really good, strong pitcher for the A's...that probably won't be traded.

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