Friday, October 8, 2021

ALDS Game 1: A Step Towards Awfulness

 Because Rays-Astros in the ALCS worked so well last time, from the looks of last night, that's what we might be getting again this year. 

I talked yesterday about how I can't understand why a lot of people don't like the Dodgers, other than the whole 'money' thing. Similarly, I don't understand why a lot of people would be fine with the Rays winning. On one hand, yes, it is perfectly cool to root for a team that has never won a World Series, that is 100% valid, and if it weren't the Rays, I'd be there with ya [I'm a lot more partial to the Brewers in this category]. But I think a lot of people are cool with the low-budget, scrappy, young team, even though the low-budget-ness is, according to recent tweets from one Melvin "Sexual Innuendo" Upton Jr., the result of bad ownership screwing over players and refusing to put in the money for facilities. 

The Rays, to people who are not Yankee fans, are the fun, harmless underdogs that get by without money [because the ownership keeps it to themselves]. This sort of factors into why they don't like the Dodgers, cause they have a lot of money and use it on extraneous empire needs, like the Yankees do. And while on most other issues, I am perfectly in favor of the people without a great deal of money and support succeeding...come on, guys, the Rays aren't likable! I'd rather have the Red Sox win than them!

I think it's honestly just the sting of being trounced by the Yankees recently, considering how much the Yankees have spent to be great. The joke was that we paid Gerrit Cole 300 million dollars to blow a playoff game. Meanwhile, Randy Arozarena is on a standard baseline contract and he's playing like a superstar, with another huge game last night against Boston. That kind of infuriates me. I can't entirely like them if they're gonna make this look so effortless, especially against a team that crushed us a few nights ago.

Now, let me make this clear...if this DOES end up being a Rays-Astros ALCS, I will CERTAINLY root for the Rays. Because I really, really don't want the Astros to get much further, regardless of the fact that they are very good this year. The White Sox are the more likable team, they'd get a lot more out of advancing this year, and it'd just be a good, fun time. Now, granted, if the White Sox do lose, then that means there's a chance they could fire LaRussa, so it wouldn't be a complete loss.

But still, if these two landslide victories on night 1 are an indication of how the rest of these series' are going to go, I am not a fan, and I guess I'll be watching the NL games a little more closely. Which is nice, as they start today.

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