Wednesday, October 27, 2021

World Series Game 1: The Reluctant Long-Man


Even though the lineup may have been the stars of the Braves' Game 1 victory, and Jorge Soler and Adam Duvall certainly did have some star moments, the real heroes of the win may have been pitchers. Not only Charlie Morton, who fractured his fibula and then got three more outs WITH the broken leg [and apologized that he didn't do more], but A.J. Minter, who was used to coming in for a batter or an inning, and managing to work 2.2 innings, fulfilling the rest of the start, striking out 3 and getting the win, was the star of things yesterday. Minter has had some high points and low points in the Braves bullpen, but this season has been a high point, and this is just the culmination. He gave up a run, yes, but he also shut down a lineup that the Red Sox could not keep down last week. 

It's definitely a good sign to see that Minter, Luke Jackson, Tyler Matzek and Will Smith can keep this team at bay. With Morton out for the rest of the series, and starting options seeming limited to Ian Anderson, Max Fried and now Drew Smyly, knowing the bullpen can keep the Astros down is a good sign. It's also good to know that Riley and Rosario, some of the stars of the postseason so far, are still hot for this team.

A very good start for this World Series. PLEEEEEASE keep these good feelings going.

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