Saturday, April 20, 2013

Three Rack Packs of 2013 Topps Heritage

Yes, I am fully aware that Gypsy Queen is out.I am also fully aware that the set is generally unspectacular this year, so I'll leave it alone. And get some more of that awesome Topps Heritage stuff. Screw the haters who think the cardstock's crap. I like it. I like the design, I like the colors, I like it. Here are 3 more rack packs of it.

Pack 1-
17- Nick Markakis. Always a good start.
210- Speaking of a good start, here's Jacoby Ellisbury, a member of the first place Boston Red Sox. It's awesome that their fans can go back to going to games now.
421- Wellington Castillo. Cubs catcher. Poor guy.
373- Ted Lilly, a member of the surprisingly dour Dodgers
103- Gordon Beckham. Welll....where's the breakout? The fans have been waiting quite awhile, buddy.
425- Joey Votto, who took great pride in bashing my Phillies to bits recently.
483- James Shields, whose Royals are actually doing pretty well. Well, there's the short print.
350- Matt Cain. His Giants are doing...alright, I guess
324- Rookies of Adeiny Hechavarria and Tyson Brummett. The former is supposed to be good.
227- Jason Motte, who looks incredibly drunk, and injured. Wokka wokka.
304- Paul Goldschmidt, who's going to be really good someday.
254- Nathan Eovaldi.
268- Justin Ruggiano. Wow, two crappy Marlins back to back.
404- Barry Zito. Good to see he's back on top.
81- All Star Vets of Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw. An amazing Dodger card. I mean, that is a pretty awesome one.
209- Kyle Seager.
Flashbacks of Shea Stadium's opening. Ah, yes, the one that didn't have a Shake Shack.
131- Dan Haren. I have this one. Also, Dan looks like a Nirvana-era Dave Grohl here.
260- Drew Stubbs
110- Mark Trumbo, who's only been overshadowed a tiny bit. Just a smidge.

Pack 2-
239- Joel Hanrahan. After 6 seasons of being on perennially losing teams, he's picked a perennially losing team with a slightly better fanbase.
241- Geovany Soto. PffffffHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
354- Sean Marshall
185- Ian Kennedy, the one we thought was gonna be terrible and got away.
138- WS Game 3
319- Jason Isringhausen. No, he's not supposed to look old. Stop that.
443- Hiroki Kuroda, who pitched beautifully today. Also, this happens to be our short print, so how about that?
384- Ryan Doumit, who only had a slightly worse upgrade from an improving team to a declining one.
238- Joe Nathan. Should have one less save than he does now.
73- Steve Lombardozzi.
22- Andrelton Simmons, a member of the Unsinkable Braves
82- Pablo 'Kung Fu Panda' Sandoval. Unlike other nicknames, his makes sense.
410- John 'Injuries? I don't think they exis-OW MY ARM!' Lackey
340- Paul Knoerko, the White Sox' token legend.
383- Mike Scioscia, whose tragic illness made us smile, while Roger Clemens lay there on the barroom tile.
262- Rookie Stars of Trevor Rosenthal and SHELBY MILLER
180- Carl Crawford. Don't know if I have this one already.
275- Kevin YOOOOOOOOOOOOOUKilis. I think I have this one
72- Chase Utley. Hitting well lately

Pack 3-
194- Mike Moustakas. Might be great someday
38- J.D. Martinez
314- Shane Victorino. I'm gonna have a hard time getting used to him as a Red Sock
196- Chris Carter. Now sadly on the Astros
249- Josh Thole
355- Chris Tillman, one of the few good pitchers on the Orioles
Flashbacks of JEOPARDY...EXISTING!
102- Kirk Gibson
5- Leaders
202- Luke Hochevar. Jeez, what happened to him?
266- Lucas Duda, who had a multiple homer day yesterday
362- Ezequiel Carrera. Now on the Phillies
353- Chris Heisey
394- Brandon Inge.
219- Young Aces of Strasburg and Gonzalez. They're on the same team, and the only picture you could get of them together is from the All Star game?
161- Jason Hammel
77- Justin Masterson
336- Nolan Reimold, who everybody thought was gonna be good.
265- Lorenzo Cain, another piece of evidence that the first Zack Greinke deal was one of the better ones in MLB history
166- Dustin Ackley. And a Mariner to round out the packs

Well, once again, I really like that set. Even if I only got 2 short prints. I'll live

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