Monday, April 14, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Harper Edition

And I'm back...


I know, the last two months have been absolutely insane for me, as I've been busy as all hell, yet I've still been making tons of customs. With absolutely no time to post them.

I mean, if I wasn't still making customs, I'd venture a guess that I was phasing out, but I'm not. I'm still adamant about posting, even when I'm swamped with schoolwork.

It's just the content that's getting me down. Sometimes, posting seems like work. I dunno.

Again, if there are more gaps in posting, that's why- the workload of the last leg of my senior year of high school isn't holding back. I'm not inferring college will be any breezier, but you never know.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna try doing two customs per day. Keyword try. Don't know if I'll succeed.

Coming Tomorrow (?)- Two years ago he was a bad move. Last year he had a fantastic streak. Now, he's back on top, where he wants to be.

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