Friday, April 25, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Simmons Edition

Ah, 70's Throwbacks. Quite awesome.

Just like usual, the Braves have very quietly leapt to first place in the division. With all the things exploding below them, it's kinda a foregone conclusion that the Braves are in first. They have the least amount of things wrong with them.

I mean, the Braves still have problems. Uggla's far gone, the pitching staff is a bit scattered, there's a lot of youth, yada yada yada. Long story short, they're playing well. And Andrelton Simmons is the main catalyst here.

For a good two seasons, he's been one of the best defensive players in the NL. Like, the Braves needed someone like him, a defensive mainstay, especially as people like Brian McCann and Chipper Jones were leaving. I just hope he can keep it up, because I think he could become a huge leadership type of player for the Braves.

But will they stay on top amidst the madness? We've got a few more months to find out.

Coming Tomorrow (?)- Did somebody say massively hyped sophomore talents?

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