Thursday, September 22, 2016

Nostalgic Box Break: 1995 Stadium Club Series Two (Part Two)

In the first eight packs of this incredibly 1995 box of Stadium Club, we saw some great photography, some not-so-great collation, and one of the most ridiculous inserts I've ever pulled out of a pack.

And of course I go back for more. Packs 9 thru 16, coming right up.

 Pack 9-
Dupes: 4/14
Cards I needed: 10/14
Hall of Famers: 1/14
Guys Who Were Really Big in the Mid-90's: 2/14

 Genuinely nice static photography- Eddie Zambrano reminds me how cool the 90's Cubs alts were. Willie Greene shows off the white Reds caps, which is always nice, against an even whiter background.

 Our 'Best Seat' subset is of HOFer Kirby Puckett, which is always nice.

 Our quartet of awesome horizontal shots. Mo Vaughn probably has the best one, just for that angle, but Morandini and Kelly have some great in-field-scuffle shots. Juan Gone's is a standard, and plainer by comparison, Cover Story card.

 Pack 10-
Cards I needed: 8/14
Dupes: 5/14
Cover Story Subsets: 2/14
Guys I'll Collect 'Til the Day I Die: 1/14

 DeShields and Alou have some pretty nice behind-the-scenes shots, and Jobias Manza...something has a nice tip-of-the-cap shot.

 Dykstra is our Virtual Reality insert, and maybe in that reality Dykstra would have saved his career. E-Mart, one of the greatest DHs of all time, seen here hitting one out for sure.

 Ken Hill and Rick Aguilera are the Cover Story inserts here. That is all.

 Pack 11-
Cards I needed: 9/14
Dupes: 4/14

 Not a ton of flair in this pack, so Tom Gordon, Brad Radke and VR Tommy Greene were some of my few highlights.

 Also, 90's superstar Albert Belle even gets the 'league leader' emblem.

 Pack 12
Dupes: 8/14
Cards I needed: 6/14
LA heroes: 2/14
 Chuck Finley was still a huge standout in LA back then- heck, HE even gets a League Leader emblem. Also, Karl Rhodes was still trying to stick with a squad in '95.

 Karros' is a great shot, even if it's a bit close. Greg Vaughn adds more traction to my theory that the Brewers just got the best photos in this set.

 I evidently didn't do a Group Shot for Pack 13, so here's two photography icons, Geronimo Pena and Bip Roberts, with some pretty bland photos.

 These two will make up for it- that Conine Cover Story is a pretty great one, and Bernie Williams always livens up a pack.

 Pack 14-
Cards I needed: 9/14
Dupes: 3/14
Generally Cool Inserts of Players That Haven't Aged Well: 1/14
Hall of Famers: 1/14

 Some pretty cool batting shots from Seitzer and Lankford.

 Though the landscapes are where this set is at- Brian Hunter's card goes behind the plate, and Mike Lansing's catches him just evading the tag. Just some really cool, well-zoomed stuff.

 Subset time! Hentgen's is our VR insert, right around the time he popped up big time in just about every product.
 Our Clear Cut Insert, which is indeed one of the most fun inserts in the set, is of Sammy Sosa, so there goes the joy. At least there's Almost-HOF-er Alan Trammell and Actual-HOFer Frank Thomas at Comiskey to make the pack work it.

 Pack 15-
Dupes: 6/14
Cards I needed: 8/14
Cards I already pulled but I can add to the set now: 2/14

 Sluggo's back there, in the middle of a backstop foul ball. Also, there's a very cool shot of Ellis Burks waiting for the call to the plate.

 These two you have already seen, but these are the NON-VR versions. Into the set they go.

 Matt Williams is this pack's Best Seat, trying to say good things about Candlestick Park (and failing). Kenny Lofton was the league leader in saves from 1994, which is always a nice little stat.

 Pack 16-
Dupes: 6/14
Cards I needed: 8/14
Guys I already pulled but can actually add to the set: 2/14
Guys Who Should be in the Hall of Fame: 1/14

 You've seen them, but now they go into the set.

 And to end this post, here are two really nice sideways shots, one of Tim Raines sliding, what he does best, and one of Greg Gagne fielding. Good stuff.

The last eight packs will go up...soon. Relatively soon.

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