Saturday, September 24, 2016

Put the Ketel On

The Mariners' story just keeps changing on me. First they're great, then they're terrible, then they're trying, then they have a shot at the playoffs, then they're nothing. This was a team that kept having the picture change on them just as they finished installing the newest one.

It's been a scattered team- the lineup was mostly ineffective, save for the usual array of bats like Cruz, Cano and Seager, plus some rookies like Dae-Ho Lee and Ketel Marte. The pitching staff started out strong, but the better arms got injured and couldn't come back as healthy, save for the usual ferocity from Felix Hernandez.

They had this way of fighting back and forth from second and third over the course of the season, contending with the Astros for 2nd place while both weren't great enough on their own. And while it looked like one of them would enter into the Wild Card, not really. The Tigers, Orioles and Jays took that away from them.

Still, at least the Mariners had a season they can be proud of, as well as work towards topping for next year.

Coming Tomorrow- One last sorry look at the San Diego Padres.

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