Friday, September 9, 2016

Twin Some Lose Some

The AL needed a goat this year, and sadly it was Minnesota's turn. However, that doesn't mean that the entire team was crap this year, even sort of implies it.

Brian Dozier, by the way, is still as impressive as he was last year when the team was actually good. The guy is closing in on his first 40+ home run season, which is pretty revolutionary for somebody on a really bad who is also a second baseman. I swear, I have no idea how, but Brian Dozier's become the epicenter of a team that also has Joe Mauer on it.

Additionally, the kids are coming up and raising hell- Max Kepler had a HUGE start and is still doing a pretty nice job, and Byron Buxton has FINALLY made his mark on the game by having a HUGE, hit-friendly week.

Now...obviously, since they're still the worst team in the AL, things aren't all rosy- the pitching staff needs help, there are a lot of people in starting positions that don't deserve to be there, and this is still a team in flux, playing to lose, all of that. So while it's not's a lot better than I thought when I went to research this post. Lot of home run hitters, but a ton of people who've played under 100 games so far.

So yeah...still a danger zone, but thanks to Brian Dozier, I can still talk about good things in Minneapolis.

Coming Tonight- Three months ago he was playing for my team, without a hope for the playoffs. Now...he still doesn't really have a hope for the playoffs, but at least he gets to grow out his beard and wear yellow.

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