Monday, September 26, 2016

Even Year Magic...Somewhere Other than San Francisco

The Giants have won a World Series every even year. But you all know that. So let's talk about someone else who's been really good every even year, and shit every odd year. The Washington Nationals.

Yeah, it's just clicking- 2012, they clinch, 2013 they relent and the Braves take it. 2014 they clinch, 2015 they crack wide open and let the Mets in. And now, here they are in 2016, absolutely killing it and making 2nd place a foresight. This is a team that's possibly more put-together than the last few, and more powerful, even without their star player, Bryce Harper, and their other star player, Stephen Strasburg, in Grade A conditions.

People like Anthony Rendon, Wilson Ramos and Tanner Roark, guys that were extra hands essentially last year, are leading the charge this year, which is fantastic, and also says a lot about the roster depth this year. Plus, throwing guys like Joe Ross and Trea Turner in there is working EXTREMELY well this year. The youth is working, but not taking over the team like in the Bronx.

Now that they're in the playoffs, they should be gearing up for how tough the race is gonna be. They're likely gonna play the 2/3 seed (whichever one they aren't, really), so that's gonna entail a date with the Dodgers, which is nice- these are the two 'always a bridesmaid, never a bride' teams when it comes to recent postseason match ups. These are they guys that usually are out in the first round. And one of them will DEFINITELY be going to the NLCS, and playing someone that very well may be the Chicago Cubs to play in the World Series. ( could be the Mets, Giants or Cardinals...I just wanted to put this there just in case).

It'll be interesting to see them and the Dodgers squaring off, as they've been similar in the last few seasons, although both are MONSTERS now. So...I'm already looking forward to that NLDS, as literally either winner will make a great CS.

Coming Tomorrow- Injuries, schminjuries. They're the last AL 1st place team that hasn't clinched, and dammit it's gonna happen this year, mainly thanks to the 1st baseman that nobody wanted.

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