Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Finally, A Post About Gary Sanchez!

It's...odd, when the script changes before your very eyes.

Most of this season, as a Yankee fan, was filled with "there's no way we can do this, there's no point, this is just depressing to watch, bring on 2017". And then, as I was in Lake George, the Yankees bring up Aaron Judge, Tyler Austin and Gary Sanchez...and everybody exploded.

Gary Sanchez especially has brought a much-needed spark to this team, by hitting approximately a ZILLION home runs, giving Brian McCann a TON LESS PRESSURE behind the plate, and giving the Yankees the relevancy they'd needed since April.

Now...let's be honest with ourselves. They're not making the playoffs. Nope. Not happening. Two amazing rookies does not a playoff team make. And Sanchez has juuuust begun to calm down after his HUGE month of August.  But the best part about this wave of the Baby Bombers (as my dad calls them) is that it's setting up the dominoes for next season, because if we have Judge, Sanchez, Greg Bird and Tyler Austin all up there, as well as the already-there talent of Starlin Castro, Didi Gregorius and Masahiro Tanaka. We'll need to do some shuffling around, but the youth movement is coming, especially the guys the Yankees got in exchange for the big guns at the trade deadline.

Still...having Gary Sanchez hit like hell is a good sign. Imagine what he'll do when we can build a team around him.

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