Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hey, Wow, I Actually Like the Rangers Now

Now...let me back up, because in 2010 I was LIVID. I thought the Yankees deserved to go back to the World Series and swat around the Giants for a while, but apparently it wasn't in the cards- the Rangers had built themselves a heck of a squad, and even if they didn't win, they still made it their on their own accord, and I couldn't argue with that.

I wasn't happy with them, and I'd be a bit happier the next year when they had a shot of beating the Cardinals, but...I dealt.

Now, the Rangers have built themselves an impressive offensive machine. The guys that were babies in 2010, like Elvis Andrus, Mitch Moreland and Colby Lewis, are leading the charge. The guys they traded for to hit, like Adrian Beltre, Ian Desmond, Carlos Beltran, Jonathan Lucroy and Carlos Gomez, are hitting like mad. Their top ace is Cole Hamels and he's on fire. They aren't doing a ton of things wrong.

Plus, unlike the 2010 team, I LIKE a great deal of the players. Beltre, Andrus, Hamels, Beltran...granted, a great deal of them have played for teams I like, but these are fun, good-natured players that work hard.

They probably have a nice chance at making the Series, though I'm not counting out Boston at this point.

Coming Today: A guy I used to despise, now one of my more favored collections and the first baseman of a surprise playoff threat.

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