Thursday, September 1, 2016

Easy, Tigers

The Tigers are 4.5 games behind the Cleveland Indians for the AL Central title, and are already serious favorites for the AL East race.  The only problem is...I'd kind of like the Indians to take this one.

The Tigers have compiled a ton of power onto one lineup, and the usual threats like Victor Martinez, Miguel Cabrera, Ian Kinsler and Justin Upton have been leading much of the charge. And yes, the pitching, though semi-injury-felled, is still pretty impressive, bolstered by threats old (Justin Verlander) and young (Michael Fullmer).

But...the Tigers are good pretty much every year.

Like, since the early part of the decade, the Tigers have made something of a run at the playoffs, and have been based with these strong, bat-heavy teams. They've been here before, they'll BE here for a while. This could be the Indians' only shot at gold, and they rarely ever get here. I'd rather be rooting for something surprising and underdog-y than someone who's trying for it every year.

Still, they're going ahead pretty quickly, and their gain is increasing by the day. I'm not sure what they'll amount to in the playoffs, but I hope the Indians can pull off a little bit more.

Coming Tomorrow- The best pitcher on an NL Central sleeper favorite.

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