Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Move over Rover...and Let Kyle Take Over

(Okay, so the pun SORT OF makes sense...)

When I was in Wrigley last year, they have banners for all the big players, the heavy hitters, streaming from the ceiling. And this is June, so, no Bryant or Russell yet. Rizzo. Castro. Lester. Arrieta. Chris Coghlan. And then they needed some extras so Chris Denorfia. Justin Grimm. And...Kyle Hendricks was already on a banner.

This is pre-2016 Kyle Hendricks, this is 'just getting by and starting a few games' Hendricks. His stuff wouldn't pick up until the end of last year.

Now...aside from obvious standouts like Jake Arrieta and Jon Lester, Kyle Hendricks is one of the major pitching threats in Chicago, going towards October. He's got a low ERA, he throws strikes, he's pretty consistent, and he's young- even if there's a lot of good arms in this rotation, Hendricks is still 26, and has a lot left to do in the game. In comparison, John Lackey is 37. Other side of the age spectrum.

Arrieta's been good, but is beginning to lose his stuff, and I think he's been a bit overworked. For the postseason, the Cubs will need to rely on people like Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks, great pitchers who...aren't Jake Arrieta, to come in and start important games when Arrieta can't. Hendricks can do it- this season, he's probably going to come up a ton in Cy Young talks. He's that good.

Man...when even the little guys are in top form for the Cubs, you know they're gonna be dangerous.

Coming Tomorrow- He gets knocked down, and he gets right back up again...especially if the person knocking him down is Billy Butler.

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  1. Yea, man! If voting was today Kyle should win the Cy Young. Shame about last night. A bad pitch on 0-2 to lose the no-no.