Saturday, September 3, 2016

Still #3 to Me

This custom has been in the bin since May and I FINALLY GET TO POST IT
I still have people ask me why I collect Hunter Pence so religiously.

The way I see it is even if someone plays for your team for a very brief amount of time...if they are in their element, and have the passion and FUN that makes you adore them as a player even in that little span of wanna know what they do for LIFE.

Curtis Granderson and Jayson Werth are the same way. They played for my team for finite amounts of time, but I still love the way they play the game, even if Grandy's in Queens and Werth's in DC.

Pence got luckier- he's already 2 rings deep into one of the most important franchise dynasties of this decade, and he's an INTEGRAL, IMPORTANT piece of these San Francisco Giants teams. Plus, he's still one of the most fun players in baseball, and he's still doing the same fun crap he did in Philly.

It's sad, because Pence has been injured for the better of 2 seasons, and he's not at his 100%, but he can still hit, and he still has the same attitude. Plus, the Giants are still pretty damn good, and Pence can still play a major role in those teams.

So yeah...Hunter Pence has gained my respect for the way he plays the game, even if he's not a Phillie anymore.

Coming Tonight- I don't talk about Boston pitching enough- here's one of the guys that actually might be in the Cy Young running this season.

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