Saturday, September 17, 2016

It Probably Won't Happen: Cardinals Edition

Last night I talked about how prepared the Detroit Tigers are for some potential playoff berth. Today, I talk about a team that isn't prepared for the playoffs...even if they are technically in Wild Card position, and that's the St. Louis Cardinals.

Right now, it's between the Cardinals, Giants and Mets for the Wild Card. Or, as I would have put it in April, the most predictable choices for the playoffs. I mean, yes, the Mets squeaking in under these circumstances would be great, and I still see the Giants potentially working some even-year magic, but...the Cardinals are stalling.

It's become obvious, from the state of the pitching staff to the number of injuries to the main lineup, that they're not fit for the playoffs, and don't have the team to make a serious effort in the playoffs. But there they are, still going for the Wild Card spot.

Yes, there are people that are having nice seasons, like Carlos Martinez and Steven Piscotty, but this is not the squad they had in 2013, or even 2015. They're beginning to age out of legitimacy, and the guys that were once surefire successes are beginning to fall apart. I'm predicting they're gonna go through a serious rebuilding period in the near future.

Unless something miraculous happens, we're looking at a Giants-Mets WC game.

Coming Tonight: The rookie standout for a falling Astros team.

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