Thursday, September 29, 2016

L.A. Story (2016 Edition)

Well...after a few straight opportunities in the postseason marred by extraneous's looking like the Dodgers are finally getting a legitimate shot at the gold.

The Dodgers were RIIIIGHT THERE, in 2013, and almost made it to the World Series against the Boston Red Sox (which, funnily enough, they could do this year). And the one force that stopped them...were those sniveling, rule-breaking Cardinals (allegedly).

This year, it's looking like they'll be facing off against the Nationals in the NLDS. Like I said a few days ago, this is a pretty evenly matched series, of two teams that haven't really gotten a break this decade, despite both being really, really good. And...part of me legitimately thinks the Dodgers can overpower them.

They have the offensive ability, they have the depth, they have the pitching, and they have this madcap ability to come up in the end, regardless of the stakes. They've had rookies hitting home runs, pitchers coming from out of nowhere to win games, and two guys that were counted out at one point, now pitching gems for them (Rich Hill and Scott Kazmir). They're the kind of never-say-die team that, while still amazing, you just want to see win, no matter what.

Plus, Adrian Gonzalez is still on the team, and he's gained my respect after nearly losing it as a Red Sox. He's got class, he's a fantastic hitter, and he's been around forever so he's got a ton of cards to collect. That's what matters.

Coming Tomorrow- He's played for THREE TEAMS this season. Two of them shit. One of them could be a Wild Card spoiler.

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