Friday, September 16, 2016

Honestly, Nobody Really Wanted to See Them Be Brave

As we've got a few weeks til the end of the season, and enough rotations to ensure the teams with positive records will get airplay for a while, time to eulogize the 2016 Atlanta Braves. They were horrible.

I swear, I'm gonna say more about them than that.

This was a flawed team that focus more on rookies that didn't have successful years and aging players that didn't look up to the part, as well as former success stories back on a dime. Only Julio Teheran, Freddie Freeman, Matt Kemp and rookie star Dansby Swanson will get out of this season unscathed, I think, because all four of them had pretty nice seasons.

Next season they'll have a new stadium, more room for improvement and growth, and hopefully less 'worst team in baseball' claims.

Coming Tonight: Home run hitter for a serious playoff threat.

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