Thursday, September 22, 2016

Custom Card of the Night: Morneau Edition

This isn't exactly a sight I expected to see, but okay.

A few years ago, thanks to a waiver deal, Justin Morneau ended up leaving his beloved Minnesota Twins to join the pennant-contending Pirates. It was a move met with anguish from Twins fans, and surprise from most baseball fans.

It's a few years later, and now that Justin Morneau is now a member of the White Sox, the novelty has faded. He's been bopping along ever since, and while he hasn't exactly been effete, you can tell that the end of his career is coming zoo. Yes, a few years ago he had a career season in Colorado, and he hasn't done too badly for himself as a DH/bench player in Chicago. But you can tell that his best days are behind him, mostly because his best days were hitting for average in Minnesota and robbing Derek Jeter of an MVP.

I'm still happy to see he's still hitting, even if it's for a team like the White Sox who won't be contributing anything to the playoff race. I'm glad Ken Williams gave him a chance, or more of a chance than Jimmy Rollins at least. I don't know what the future holds for the guy, but I'm glad he did this much.

Coming Tomorrow- They played valiantly but they're being mourned, not celebrated. Tomorrow, a member of those battling Pittsburgh Pirates.

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