Friday, September 9, 2016

All the Best Yankees Somehow End Up in Pittsburgh

A.J. Burnett. Russell Martin. Francisco Cervelli. And now Ivan Nova.

What is it with former Yankees just suddenly getting really good the second they land on the Pirates?

It's just this...alarmingly bizarre trend of late, and with Nova having a few really nice starts in his first month or so on the Pirates, it's worth revisiting. I look at someone like Cervelli, who absolutely exploded last year and helped the Pirates make a serious push, or A.J. Burnett, who revitalized his career with Pittsburgh and eventually made his only ASG nod as a member of the Bucs.

Maybe it's just the release of not having to play with so much pressure anymore, and mixed with the new dynamic of a really fun squad like the loosens the springs, lightens the load, and the true talent can be seen as is. So...Ivan Nova's stuff might be better off where he is.

I'm not sure if the Pirates will be making the postseason, as the wheels are beginning to come off, and the other Wild Card hopefuls are outmatching them, but they're still a ton of fun to watch, and the pitching is definitely improving.

Coming Tomorrow- The hard-hitting first baseman from the best team in the AL.

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