Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Proceed With Caution

Justin Turner has the most home runs on the Dodgers. I love that. Two years ago he wasn't starting, and now he's the HR leader in LA. Fantastic stuff.

Anyway, the Dodgers have actually been doing pretty well for themselves, and have made it into a strongly held first place. The pitching staff has FINALLY found its footing, with some steady work from replacements like Bud Norris, Jose De Leon and Ross Stripling. What's probably going to happen is the postseason rotation of Kershaw-Maeda-Kazmir-Urias-Hill-McCarthy (possibly) is going to form, and all the worriers that thought the pitching would doom the Dodgers will be trembling in fear of what it can do when all the good ones are healthy as hell.

And yes, Justin Turner is an indicator that the lineup isn't far off- heck, now they have a backup catcher that can hit. Plus, the insanely well-timed youth movement, featuring Rob Segedin and Andrew Toles, is doing well, and Yasiel Puig is deciding to hit again upon his return from AAA. Things are looking pretty up for the Dodgers.

Only problem is...they're in first in September. And it's an even year. And the Giants are in Wild Card position.

We've all been here before. We all know what has happened next. And the Dodgers better do their damnedest to avoid this. They know Bruce Bochy is DEADLY once he gets to October, and they know that their own guys tend to need some help once them postseason comes around. They're going to have to buckle up and perfect things so that they can earn some much-needed playoff wins, defy the odds and FINALLY make it back to the World Series.

As of right's looking pretty good.

Coming Tonight: Alright, ALRIGHT. You've waited long enough. Here's the most impressive rookie to come out of the Bronx.

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