Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What Exactly...is there to talk about in Milwaukee?

As a customizer, my job is to look for relevant players from all 30 teams, even if the team itself isn't exactly relevant, and post them, trying to find a silver lining even in the worse-off ones.

With the Brewers...there just hasn't been much going on. Everyone who was doing well, like Jonathan Lucroy and Jeremy Jeffress, has been traded. And everybody else that's doing well, either I've already made a custom of them, or they just don't have any good photos. I've had to get fringe players like Hernan Perez and Junior Guerra, regardless of whether or not they're actually having good seasons. They come up in WAR leaders, and I kinda have to do them next.

It's incredibly sad, because I think of the 2011 team, the guys that were pretty damn close to making it to the World Series, and SHOULD HAVE, had it not been for those rascally St. Louis Cardinals. Furthermore, that would have led to a Rangers-Brewers series, and neither one of them had ever won a World Series before. And then I think that there's practically nobody left from that 2011 team. Only Ryan Braun at this point, I think. Most guys, like Nyjer Morgan, Corey Hart, Rickie Weeks and Prince Fielder, are either out of the leagues or in bench roles.

It's just very sad, because the team had so much talent, and now there's not much worth talking about. Yes, there could be a huge rebuild coming, but for right now, it's not especially pretty.

Coming Tonight- A professional home run hitter, doing what he does best in Seattle.

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