Sunday, July 24, 2011

Custom Card of the Day- Wright Edition

It's fitting that I resume from the shortest custom break I've ever had by showing a card of a guy who had a pretty decent break from baseball this year. Two days ago, David Wright returned to the Mets (Also returning to the Mets: viewers), he apparently rocked the place. While he may have been injured for two months, he still did pretty well at the plate, and made a return to third base, finally. So I guess that now that Wright's back, the Mets will return to the form they had in the beginning of the year? Yeah, except that form led them to 4th place in the division. Hell, even Washington's doing better than the Mets this year. So while David Wright isn't rocketing the Mets to first, at least the town named after a toilet's only function can gain its hero back.

Coming Tomorrow- Atlanta is having a decent season this year, and this guy on the mound is helping a whole lot.

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