Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pirates game vs. Astros- Expect the Expected

After a great triumph in Washington, my parents and I were confident when we reached Pittsburgh. After all, the team had leapt to 2nd in the division (!!!), and were playing the last place Astros. The game was practically over before it started. However, our expectations did not equal the result, unfortunately. In hoping for the 2011 Pirates, we recieved the 1993-2010 Pirates.

Being that we arrived relatively later, we missed most of batting practice. Also, I lacked enough charisma to sign when the team's only signed was the relatively unknown catcher McKenry. So already, I was getting no practice balls, no sigs. I even made the mistake of passing Manny Sanguillen and not getting his autograph- after all, he was sitting in on his own Barbeque Joint!

Soon, the game began. After the first inning, the Pirates had scored a run. After the sixth inning, the Astros had scored six of them. The main reason is because the Pirates were playing terribly, and they were playing in when they should have been back.

The stadium was still beautiful, the graphics were cool, our seats were relatively close to home plate, but the food was inadequate. I eventually wandered over and purchased some cards (1 rack pack was 10 bucks. Eeesh), and I'll post that later. But the team played pitifully, and now they're tied for second with Milwaukee.

Final Score- Astros 7, Pirates 2 (I think. I left after the top of the ninth).

Tonight, we venture out to Cleveland for an Indians game. That's the one I've been looking forward to.

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