Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Haren Edition

I realize that the Angels are not the best team in the AL West. I also realize that the only way the Angels can clinch the AL West is to defeat Texas thirteen times. But until that happens, there's always liking them, before they eventually succumb to their defeat, whether it be at the hands of Texas, or as usual, the hands of the Yankees in the ALDS.

I'm still wondering why Dan Haren isn't as big a star as we said he'd be five years ago. Granted, back then he was throwing smoke for Oakland, alongside Barry Zito, Rich Harden, and the most unlikely ROY winner in recent history (and that's saying something), Huston Street. But the hype wasn't even that big for Haren then. Did it take being traded to Arizona back in 2008? No, because the stardom kinda stayed the same. Now that he's with the Angels, and he and Jered Weaver are going to town on the plate, why isn't he that big of a star? He has a good amount of wins (Who according to Cy Young voters, don't mean anything anymore), and he's pretty intimidating on the mound. But Jered Weaver's always there to overshadow him (and Ervin Santana in that matter).

I guess Dan'll have to wait another 11 days, because hopefully something will happen to the Angels at the trade deadline.

Coming Tomorrow- He's been compared to Harmon Killebrew, Babe Ruth, and Mike Schmidt. As he nears the end of his Cooperstown-worthy career, hopefully he can keep those comparisons high.

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