Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Weeks Edition

What can I say, when an opportunity comes along to use a throwback, you better believe I take it. Especially considering that Mr. Weeks up here is finally having a good season. I knew he was gonna be good eventually, I just didn't know when. Now, here he is having a great season at the plate, and getting an All Star nomination to show for it. And the Brewers are doing pretty well this season, with their big stars (Fielder, Braun, Weeks) doing great at the plate, and the pitching doing decently as well. Of course, they may have to live with the embarassment that they finished 2nd to the Pittsburgh Pirates. But aside from that, the Brewers are fine.

Coming Tomorrow- He used to be a huge star for Oakland. Now he's a huge star for Anaheim, in a very strong pitching rotation.

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